London Layover

selfie outside the sunken gardens at Kensington Palace
selfie outside the sunken gardens at Kensington Palace

Friday afternoon I finished the last test of my second year of medical school and Saturday afternoon I head out on my much anticipated trip to South Africa to boulder at the infamous Rocklands.

After and 8 hour flight to London, I had a several hour layover and decided to ditch the airport and explore for a few hours. I hopped on the express train into town and 20 minutes later I was standing in Paddington Station in Central London. Being completely alone, without cell service, wifi or a map I was a little lost. After wandering the streets for a bit I found the bike hire service that I was looking for. For 2 euros I hopped on a bike and started my tour of London city.
I made my way down to Hyde Park and biked on the trails under a roof of tall, arching trees. It seemed everyone was out on the Sunday afternoon having a picnic in the park with their families. The weather was lovely so I sat outside at a cafe and sipped down a latte with a scone while watching the geese swim in the lake. It was perfect.
Next I biked around the park, stopping at an ornate monument to a king, the stately Kensington Palace and the beautiful sunken gardens. I then weaved through tiny London streets, stopping constantly to make sure I wasn’t lost, and made my way to the gigantic British Museum. I had read about the spectacular exhibits at the museum online, and it didn’t disappoint. Every continent and their cultures were represented at the museum with ancient artifacts and countless works of arts.
After my too brief tour I returned to the airport and caught my next 12 hour flight to Africa!!
***pictures to come soon, once I have enough internet to upload them….

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