Hueco Tanksgiving Pt 2–Attack of the Austrians

We started our second morning feeling a little sore but psyched to climb! We had two more climbers join our group since yesterday, Raanan, Jim and Li:



  • Hair of a Greek God
  • Linguisitician (that’s a word, right?)
  • At a party you may seem him casually doing one-arm pull ups



  • aka Grand Master Wonton, master of the dragons
  • refuses to divulge the secrets of the Chinese dragon farms
  • an encyclopedia of all Hueco beta



  • tea time stalker
  • cooker of turkey, baker of sweet potatoes and weaver of bacon
  • handsome devil

So, we started our day with a warm up messing around on Martini roof. Li and Danny made quick sends of Baby Martini, V6. After the warm-ups we all gave some quick inspirational speeches. There was a 50-50 split on whose speech was the best—Grominator tied with LI #confucioussays.  No one really made any cool sends in the roof after that, but Danny did work out the moves on a V10 (while taking breaks from doing push-ups with Jim on his back).


Danny on Martini Roof, V10

I made a quick send of Girls of Texas, V5, before we headed to the Terminator Boulder. While channeling the power of the Schwarzeneggar Danny sent Adjust Your Attitude, V8, after merely two tries. Li and Raanan perfected the power grunt while working on this problem, as well.


Nicole in Martini Roof

Meanwhile, Kilian made an excellent run on McBane, V8, heartbreakingly falling on the last move. #taonima #tonyhawk. He’ll surely send it tomorrow!


Kilian on McBane, V8

From there, our group split up, with Li, Rannan, and Jim heading to a secret enclave of climbs and the rest of us heading up the top of the chains at North Mountain. Nicole and Sarah Groman impressively sent the classic problem Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive, V2, in almost no time! With all the time left over Sarah flirted with some cute Austrians, but unfortunately for Sarah, Danny stole one of the Austrians to work out the beta on Dark Age, V11. #cockblock. After working the problem with the aforementioned Austrians and their European flare for technique Danny had sequenced all of the moves.


Danny on Dark Age, V11

I worked out the moves on a nearby climb, Stegosaur, V8 and after sequencing an interesting combination of beta I left Stegosaur to let Danny finish working his problem, while I rested.  Meanwhile, Sarah was busily trying to decide which Austrian she liked better, but I had to call her back to Stegosaur to be my lucky charm. With Sarah by my side, and a headlamp to guide me I sent my first V8 ever!


Me on Stegosaur, V8

Far below on the mountain, Li, Jim, and Raanan worked out the moves of Choir Boys, V9. Between attempts they started arguing about beta that resulted in an epic and evenly-matched rap battle that finally erupted into a break dance-off, I assume. I wasn’t there. #Iwishthiswasreallife


Raanan and Li engaged in battle

Anyway, we finished our night with some delicious dinner, courtesy of Jim’s culinary genius of mom. Then we donned our cigar jackets and adjourned to backyard….to blow 151 at flaming logs, creating a human blow torch. #wereonfirethisweek


Keep on Climbing!



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