Hueco Tanks-giving

After long drives from Austin, Waco, Houston, and even CHILE (JAVIER IS BACK!!!) the SKLADventure crew was reunited at Hueco Tanks!! After a SNAFU with reservations at the park Kilian, Sarah, Nicole, Danny and I decided to get a guided tour of East Mountain, while Raanan, Li, and Javier went to North Mountain.

So quick intro to meet the climbers:



  • original SKLADventurer
  • recent grad of UT (hook ‘em)
  • proud glove salesman

Sarah Groman: “Grominator”


  • She goes to Baylor, but we forgive her
  • Currently injured
  • A lucky charm …..seriously, every time she is around there are sends!!!

Nicole Miller:


  • UT climber
  • Jewelry maker
  • Expert on the mating patterns of crickets



  • Another original of the SKLADventure crew
  • The cutest
  • He’s a rock climbing newbie, but he’s doing okay

And ME!! (More intros to come in future climbing days)


Groman and I taking climbing fashion to the next level

We started out with our guide at some warm up climbs.  Danny created a new/awesome traverse that Kilian and I repeated. From there we moved on to Dragon’s Den. We would have preferred to be there with Li, aka Grand Master Wonton –King of the Dragons, but alas, he was too busy crushing on North. So instead, Danny, Kilian, and I sent Dragonfly V5. Afterwards, Danny and Kilian worked Dry Dock, V7. Kilian made great progress and Danny got the send (#beginnersluck). But for real, he has tried this thing on multiple occasions and the send is really a testament to how well the steroids have been working.


Danny on Dragonfly, V5

After we moved to some nearby classic climbs. Kilian, Danny, and I sent the first V5 EVER (according to Austin legend John Myrick #mactruckfueledbycheeseburgers)—Hobbit in a Blender. Sarah Groman also made some good work here. Nicole and Sarah made some progress on a V3, which is probably harder after a hold broke. Danny and I also sent Hector in a Blender, V7 (my FIRST Hueco V7)(#dannysendseverything)!!!!


Sarah (me) on Hobbit in a Blender, V5


Danny and his muscles on Hector in a Blender, V7


Me on Hector in a Blender, V7

We then moved on to some unnamed area where we climbed an awesome V4 called “Instant Classic”. We agreed. Then we finished up with some antics at Warm-Up Roof. Danny tested his new-found muscles by campusing (climbing without feet) on the Warm-up roof, V4. I decided to climb it with feet. #bettertechnique.


Sarah Groman on Instant Classic, V4

Kilian did an amazing send of Li Stand, V7 by doing some absurd tall person beta. Nicole pulled the horns on her send and the Grominator tested the durability of her adorable Chaco boots on several bat-hangs.


Grominator pulling a bat hang


Nicole says Hook ‘Em!

Now we are enjoying an AMAZING thanksgiving dinner courtesy of Jim Pharr (aka tea time stalker) and his wonderful mother.

Merry Thanksgiving and happy sending!



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